Smart vending machines

PrintaPrint Smart Vending Machine (Social Sales) – Special Distribution Machines, the main currency for commodities or gifts are user actions:

  • User Generated Content About Your Event on Social Networks (Instagram, Twitter)
  • Granting personal data (user data) Quizz (poll)
  • Interactive Actions (Smile, Jump or Swing, etc.) 
  • AR filter functions with additional interactions
  • Face Recognition Functions and Interactions (Face Recognition)
  • Interactive Games


  • User involvement Brand awareness
  • Sales Promotion Product delivery
  • Consumer data collection
  • Consumer behavior detection
  • Non-traditional advertising campaigns
  • Interactive entertainment at events


Step 1 – Your Ideas.

Share your needs and ideas, and our specialists will help you create a simple and effective campaign involving a smart sharing machine. Do it right now.

Step 2 – Choice of interaction.

We will help you choose an interaction that will most easily help you achieve your ROI goals.

Step 3 – User Award

Choose how the user will be awarded. Physical gifts can also be combined with providing additional information to the user via email, sms or social networks – take full advantage of the opportunity and involve the participant to its maximum. 

Step 4 – Evaluation of the results

The received analytics after the event will allow You to effectively evaluate the success of your campaign and use your data to achieve future marketing goals. Interested? Contact now and join the Social Marketing Revolution!


UGC marketing solutions for your brand everywhere you can imagine

Qualified professionals

Qualified Printaprint professionals and partners will become your consultants in choosing the best service or the most effective solution.

Inclusion to social networks

With Printaprint Tools you will create consumer content on social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Allow your user to be your brand influencers.

Analytical data

Learn the effectiveness of your service. Analytical data after the service will give your campaign a clear added value.


Technological solutions that combine new and old and create added value for the user, event and brand.

Brand awareness

Increase brand awareness in social networks, society, and shopping places.

Why not to have Printaprint at your next event?

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