5 photo marketing strategies that work!

The 21st century is the time of digitization. That means that global digitalisation and the development of related technologies are rapidly changing the world. That is why businesses need to look at it as a necessity to remain competitive at both the Lithuanian and international levels. Innovations are interesting to everyone, both young and old, and can help your company reach the top of popularity. Right now, picture marketing plays a crucial role. Use photos in your own content to use the following five strategies to promote your brand:

1. Convert direct contact to user-generated content

Give people the opportunity to have fun during your event and take pictures or selfies for free with your trademark. You can easily implement it with the help of PrintaPrint printing from social networks as well with a photo frame specially designed for your event. This will not only create a great relationship between you and the guests of the event, but will also advertise you online, as the photos are shared on people’s social network profiles or on your page.

2. Think of a reason to encourage users to share photos taken at your event

For example, fun photo effects that create a light and playful mood. It is also possible to allow users to empathize with a certain character. The guest will be encouraged to show off their interesting photos to their friends and relatives.

3. Promote your hashtag and insert it to people’s photos

Choose and encourage people to use one official hashtag. There are many ways you can promote your hashtag by decorating wipes, event guest bracelets with it, broadcasting the hashtag on screens, etc. In addition, without having to ask people to advertise your gameplay, PrintaPrint gives you the option of automatically placing it on a printed photo of each participant.

4. Find an attractive way for consumers to publicize the content that tells the story of your brand

Organise a contest, give a chance for the guests to vote or answer questions after taking the picture, attract guests’ interest and desire to upload photos to the internet with your company logo. Then share the results and photos on Facebook page, Instagram or other photo-hosting sites and encourage users to vote for their favorite participant! From our experience, this tactic is working well. The travel organizer ITAKA decided to run a Instagram and Facebook page photo lottery. One hour before boarding, the passengers had a unique opportunity to print a photo and participate in a lottery which main prize was a trip to the chosen direction. Over 60 people took part in the contest and the winner was chosen by lot.

5. Allow the guests of the event to take pictures home and cherish them as memories

Why not reward guests who contributed to the celebration’s success? Not only will you reward them by giving them a photo to bring back home. You will also increase your brand’s awareness and popularity. People bring the picture home and show them to friends and family members who were not attenting the event.  If you want to implement this idea, PrintaPrint’s dual-printing will help you. One photo remains for you, the other for the guest of the event. Of course, the photos should be contains your hashtag or logo.

Take advantage of today’s technology! By using your imagination, you can discover many ways to benefit from photo marketing. Using innovation will separate you from your competitors and help you get one step closer to success. If you would like to hear real examples of how photo marketing can be exploited, you can read more success stories on our blog.

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