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How to use instaphotos during and after a celebration?

Instant photo – printed photo at the venue that always brings a good emotion. Therefore, if you look at it creatively, you will find a set of fun entertainment, decor ways with Insta photos:

  • Photos – Wishes: The picture frame can be designed with a space left for writing a wish. At the end of the celebration, the photos are usually placed in an album or a box of wishes, where memories last for a long time after your important day.
  • A gift for guests. Instant photo can become a great symbolic thank you gift to the participants. Here’s an example of a wedding that has already taken place: the bride and the groom try to take a photo with all the guests, and then the photo with the decorated frame is given for being together or added to another gift as an accessory.
  • Dual Photo Printing – Every time you take a picture, we print 2 identical photos. This way one of them stays for the bride and the groom and the other one for the guest.
  • Lotteries and contests. It is possible to place different sequence numbers or words on the picture frame. In this way, prizes are drawn and guests are rewarded. This is a great option to enliven the mood of the evening.
  • Games. One of the examples would be to make photo frames in different colors. People who have photos of a particular color are invited to play games or participate in the program. This easily engages participants in the activities, encourages communication. Combined with the host of the evening, these games can help him lead the program and encourage guests to get involved. But our promo person can be hired for this too :).
  • Displaying photos on screens. If you are planning to have a screen or projector on your celebration, why not display all the printed photos on the screen. Photos will help to improve the atmosphere of the celebration, tell about the great time that the guests are having and will encourage others to take pictures as well.
  • Decoration element. Instant photos can become creative interior detail by adapting the photo frame to the interior of the celebration. Imagination is boundless. We suggest that you consider the hanging curtain wall hanging wall. This would make the celebration more playful.
  • Including guests from all over the world. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to come can contribute directly to your celebration. Photo printing from social networks gives you the opportunity to share special hashtag with the precious people who can’t attend and are scattered around the world. Encourage them to take photos and send greetings during the celebration. Printaprint offers the ability to print not only their photo, but also the sender and the wish from any corner of the world.


So, instahots delight every participant in the event at th time of event, faster than the pictures from photographer are received. Pictures can be used in a variety of creative ways. We hope that the article has inspired You to use your imagination, so you can come up with different original ideas to make your celebration unique. If you are interested in the services provided by PrintaPrint and seek for advice – feel free to contact us!

We wish you a beautiful celebration.

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