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What are the ways to print snapshots during a celebration?

Photographs stops the beauty of the moment, keeps emotions alive. Even after many years photo albums make feelings and memories come to mind, remembering the events of that time. A physically printed, hand-held, photo will not disappear as it sometimes happens with digital photos. Also, the physical photo has a higher value. Standard modern photo production usually takes time, so we often forget to print them from the camera or the computer. Instant Photography – a fast, high-quality, colorful way to enjoy the picture at the time of the event. A process that creates a kind of entertainment and does not leave indifferent – posing, pressing a button, picking up a high-quality, colorful photo in a matter of seconds – poses the nostalgia of polaroid photography. Each celebration is different, so it is natural that in 2019 wishes of participants or organizers differ. There are a number of ways to get your instashots for different needs:

  • Insta machines (Polaroid, Instax Fujifilm). In the time of instant photography peak, supermarkets started offering Insta machines that are convenient for personal use. However, with this machine, you need to constantly take care of changing the paper, and anticipate the number of photos you need, which makes it quite difficult. Photo frame – standard white.
  • PhotoBox is a professional camera with built-in lighting, ideal for both daylight and dark. In most cases, the number of photos is unlimited and the estimated budget is calculated in advance and stable. Technical assistants come and take care that everything works in time and smoothly. It is possible to customize the frame specially designed for the event.
  • Printing photos from social networks. If you and your guests are active social networking users, this is the ideal option to print snapshots. Using Instagram social networking, printing happens according to a special hashtag created for the event. Guests take pictures with their smart phones and upload photos to Instagram with a special hashtag. The system finds these pictures and prints them with the remarkably designed frame design. The process is fast and almost all participants of the celebration can take pictures and print at the same time. It is also a great option for not being attached to a place – photos can be taken at any place of the event; This is a good way to encourage young, innovative guests. If You want to print the snapshots via Facebook page platform, guests upload their pictures to a special facebook page. The pictures are printed immediatly and a hashtag is not necessary.
  • Photo printing via email. This is another quick and convenient way to print snapshots. Its principle is very simple – guests take pictures with their phone, send it to us by e-mail. We print it in 20 seconds with a frame that is designed just for You! Photos are sent confidentially, but photo archives are available for the bride and the groom. Meanwhile, guests get a great gift of memory.

It is important to choose the most convenient way to print snapshots for yourself and your guests. You will have plenty of memories that will reflect real emotions and will be fun to recall many years after 🙂

Follow us and we will share with you various ways of using snapshots and inviting guests to celebrate in a creative way. This is possible not only at weddings, but also as an entertainment in christenings or other celebrations.


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