What does employee generated content bring to a company?

There are so many user-generated content marketing strategies, techniques, and tips to be considered for companies to reach success. One of the latest ones is employee-generated content (EGC). For those, who have not heard of this term, let us explain. Employee-generated content is content generated by employees in the form of videos, images or blogs. It shows the brand values, differentiators and benefits of the business they work for. Employee generated content makes a big impact on both improving your company culture and improving searching for new employees success. Also, it helps to attract more customers! Can‘t imagine how all of this is even possible? Keep on reading.

To begin with, letting your employees represent your company shows them that you trust them, value their opinion and contribution. Employee morale is always likely to increase if the workers believe that they are being heard. For example, not long ago we worked with Western Union at their event. They used Printaprint service – instant photo printing from social networks. So, employees of Western Union took some fun pictures ahead of a photo wall. After uploading the photos to their Instagram accounts, they received a physical picture for them to enjoy. That is how the company encouraged it’s employees to create content in their personal Instagram profiles. Furthermore, they also provided a fun time for employees during the event! This fosters a welcoming environment, turning your company into a community.


Also, social media posts from people who actually work in the company, can show your potential new workers what your company culture is really like. It has the power to be more persuasive than any office-tour you give. We all had jobs in our life, where everything looked perfect “on paper“ but the atmosphere was not pleasing or warm, didn‘t we? So, your employees are like influencers – they will show the potential top talents that your company is open-minded, treats it‘s employees well, and other good qualities. EGC will help to find and recruit the top talent for your business!

Let‘s make this the last benefit of employee-generated content we touch on today, even though there are so many more of them. So, EGC helps to build your company‘s image. The main reason that firms engage in EGC is that it works. The employees become the face of your campaign, and consumers find it much easier to relate to real people rather than a big brand It typically builds trust and sends promotional messages to people who the firm may never have otherwise reached. Employees are the best influencers. They show real life in the workplace and transfer pure emotions.  In a customers mind – a company that lets employees speak about their own opinion about the products is worth trust and respect. As a result, the firm is likely to increase the sales it makes, also earns respect and becomes a good example for other companies.

So, EGC strategy comes with overwhelmingly good results. By letting and encouraging your employees to generate content on social media, you’re trusting your employees to represent your company and it‘s culture in a positive light. That not only has a good impact on your employees self-esteem and satisfaction with the job but also creates a great image of brand awareness, that attracts new customers, top talents and maybe even new partners!

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