Consumer Generated Content


Transparency is a word that has a lot to do with the marketing world today. According to the Authentic100 study, 78% of consumers do not think that brands are open and honest to them. This growing mistrust of brands underscores the need to become more transparent and authentic. One way brands can overcome this challenge is by working with their audience. It is all about creating content on social networks. Consumer Generated Content is any content created by a customer of a brand that leaves a business feedback. It helps brands create a direct sense of authenticity with potential customers.

CGC (consumer generated content)

Although consumer generated content is not a new marketing strategy, it seems to be going through a kind of renaissance. Consumer generated marketing is often built on a visual basis and is linked to an account on social networks, so it is credible to the audience. By building real reactions and happy customer opinions about a product or service, it builds trust and retains old customers. 75% people think that concumer generated marketing makes the brand more authentic. This is the most important reason to choose this approach in your marketing strategy. But that’s not all – you will not only increase your audience’s trust.  You will also earn more! Businesses using consumer-generated content increase their sales by as much as 50%, according to the research. Consumers find consumer content much more influential. 85% say it has a greater impact on their opinions than photos or videos published by the business itself. This marketing strategy is successfully used by world-famous brands – Starbucks, Asos, Lego and others. So how do they encourage consumers to promote photos with their branding?


The first way to encourage users to create content about you is by holding a contest or lottery. People take photos according to your requirements (clever – a photo of your product leaving a review). PrintaPrint Insta Photo Printing by a hashtag can help you do this job. During the event, invite participants to take a picture, and in order to receive a snapshot (with a photo frame created especially for you) and enter the contest, they must upload a photo to one of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or more. Post a contest for the best photo and award the contestant with the most “likes” clicks. Dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of photos will reach other social network users!

Another way to invite consumers to talk about you is to create memorable events that leave positive feedback on your product and build trust and interest in the brand itself. Use your imagination to create an immersive orientation game with pictures, make participants feel like celebrities by shooting on a green background with your logo hidden. Give users a reason to talk and post photos of your item!

There are many ways to encourage your customers to create content about you on social networks. PrintaPrint offers both digital and instaphotos solutions to help you gain trust and business success!

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