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Important details when choosing photo printing for events

We always pay great attention to all the details when preparing for the event. Only when they are all fulfilled we can be happy about the result. That is why it is important not to miss anything. Photo printing at events is gaining in popularity. It is a great tool for both – occupying time and advertising – during a personal or work celebration. At the first sight it looks like a straightforward process. However, there are important points You should not miss.  We will look at the most important ones in this post.

So what to look for when ordering photo prints for your event?


Take advantage of the free photo frame that PrintaPrint offers. Our designers will take your ideas into account and fulfill your wishes. We recommend that you consider:

  • The event environment, the visualizations used and the photo frame design to match.
  • Self-promotion – don’t hesitate and put your brand logo or a phrase on the frame – we’ll make it all look tasteful!


Although participants sometimes seem to skip over the logos, all the information they collect gets stuck in their memory. That is why the visibility of your company, brand is crucial. Decorate the equipment with festive details, a logo, a title and a note that reflects your work!


The ever-growing PrintaPrint service – instant photo printing from social networking sites Instagram, Facebook page, WhatsApp, Pinterest – looks simple. Attendees take a photo with their smartphone and upload it to social networking platform with your hashtag. Only the active hashtag will activate the system that will print your photos. So what are some things to remember when creating a hashtag for your event?

  • The hashtag should consist of numbers and letters only. Don’t use punctuation and other (eg, &,),!). This will render the entire hashtag inactive and unrecognisible, and the photos will not print.
  • The hashtag should be original and not often used on the social networking platform. Otherwise, extraneous photos from outside your event will also be printed. Because of that the photo printing process might become slower. You can check if the hashtag is widely used by typing it into the social network search box.
  • It should be easy to remember, but not boring. Participants should memorize the hashtag quickly, so they can take photos and post them anywhere. Do not make your guests to go check the hashtag everytime. It should also encourage its use, be fun and relate to the theme of the celebration.
  • You can use both Lithuanian and other languages. They are recognizable on social networks. You can use both uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, both #MyCelebration and #mycelebration hashtags are recognised as one and photos with them will be printed. You can use a capital letter for each word, which makes it easier for participants to understand.


The success of the service depends on a clear communication on how to use the service. We suggest that you make a clear and understandable instruction. We can also decorate it with a hashtag.

Why not to have Printaprint at your next event?

Ask us and we will help you to create your next event or advertising campaign memorable.

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