Photo Mosaic – A picture created by your guests

What is a photo mosaic?

Imagine a direct digital and physical mosaic created in real time at your event. We create the mosaic masterpiece by using a high-tech algorithm. Separate photos of your event guests become one big picture whose design you decide! In this way, guests can participate in user-generated content by investing in the final product.

What are the benefits?

  • Mosaics are works of art that create one single portrait, made up of different pictures. Guests will see both the overall picture of the mosaic and their individual frames. This gives you a long-lasting impression that will stay with you and your guests long after the celebration.
  • The interactive nature of mosaic creation helps guests get involved in the brand of a product / service. A strategic work of art certainly attracts the eye and the visitors. During the event, visitors will be tempted to approach and observe how a new work of art is born from individual frames. “All in this together” message will create a positive relationship with your brand, which will continue to expand after the event.

If you choose to use the mosaic with our photobox, our services can provide even more benefits.

  • We can offer the design of your photobooth with your company logo or chosen design to make your business more visible and recognizable.
  • Our specialists can also consider your target audience and offer unconventional solutions to your event, tailoring to your unique needs. This partnership focuses on enhancing brand impact through strategic social marketing. Photos can be printed with a custom photo frame, allowing visitors to take a picture with the message.


Smile and take pictures
The guests of the event take pictures using smartphones, at a photo booth or catch a photographer.

Mark and share
Sharing photos on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook page or Twitter with a special hashtag, if the client wants photos printed from social media.

Pick up and cover
Tagged photos from social networks automatically go to screens or other digital solutions in just 30 seconds. find out which part of the mosaic was filled with your photo.

Be part of it
You can see the overall view of the mosaic by filling in all the cells.


Keep in mind the PrintaPrint mosaic while looking for the keys to business success.

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